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1) Heaven (n) any place of complete bliss and delight and peace
2) Heaven (n) the abode of God and the angels
image SYNONYMS from WordNet [?]
Eden Nirvana Paradise Promised Land Shangri-La
image THESAURUS from WordNet [?]
Abraham's Bosom Bosom Of Abraham Celestial City City Of God Eden Elysian Fields Elysium Fictitious Place Garden Of Eden Heavenly City Holy City Imaginary Place Mythical Place Paradise Part Promised Land Region Valhalla Walhalla
image THESAURUS from Moby [?]
Home Top Height Blue Air Point God Limit Sky Cap Tip Maximum Beyond Weird Sisters Transport Unknown Edge Rise Joy Peak Paradise Lift Crown Raise Pole Eden Sunshine Ridge Glory Summit Happiness Glee Fate Pitch Destiny Wonderland Millennium Delight Noon Cheer Crest Vault Goddess Bliss Providence Pinnacle Apex Eternity Meridian Elevation Zenith Zion Canopy Prosperity Steep Acme Utopia Utmost Rhapsody Climax Hereafter Ecstasy Brow Azure Vertex Afterlife Shangri La Ether Rapture Golden Age Stratosphere Deity Fairyland Felicity Spire Eminence Dreamland Upmost Jehovah Apogee Intoxication Goshen Enchantment Faerie Extremity Culmination Mountaintop Tip Top Fates Elation Exaltation High Noon Fair Weather Cerulean Gladness Exuberance Firmament Dystopia Cheerfulness High Spirits Gaiety Next World Exhilaration Good Times Otherworld Beatification Uprise Hyaline Beatitude Welkin Never-Never Land Afterworld Cloudland Cloud Nine Joyfulness Parcae Ravishment Promised Land Promised Land Seventh Heaven Ne Plus Ultra Kingdom Come Kingdom Come Life After Death Garden Of Eden
image LIVE EXAMPLES from News [?]

Movie Review: ‘Heaven Is for Real’ Stars Greg Kinnear

The 2010 best-selling book “Heaven Is for Real” has made it to the screen, starring Greg Kinnear.


Greg Kinnear is ‘Heaven’s’ saving grace

A fine cast headed by the underrated Greg Kinnear lifts this year’s third major religious movie, the fact-inspired “Heaven Is for Real,’’ somewhat beyond its Hallmark Channel-caliber script and visuals...


VIDEO: Dogs 'say grace' before meal

They are the golden believers. A quartet of adorable doggy diners has been caught on camera saying grace. Trying to ensure they eventually end up in hound heaven, the foursome is seen patiently waiting for its meal.


Formidable biologically inspired airplanes by Al Brady

Al Brady creates some really awesome biologically inspired planes. He is the designer of the awesome pterodactyl combat jets that will be featured in Bastiaan Koch's movie Is This heaven. His other vehicle creations are cool too. Read more...


Cooool: A Paper Airplane Folding & Launching Machine

... that a group of engineers built. I could probably watch it all day. Also: sleep and play video games. And if one of these f***ing lotto scratchers would finally hit the jackpot, maybe I could. But nooooooo, apparently I'm destined to...

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