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1) Independence (n) freedom from control or influence of another or others
2) Independence (n) the successful ending of the American Revolution
3) Independence (n) a city in western Missouri
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image THESAURUS from WordNet [?]
Autarchy Autarky Autonomy City Dependent Freedom Independent Liberty Metropolis Missouri MO Mo. Self-Direction Self-Reliance Self-Sufficiency Separateness Show Me State Triumph Urban Center Victory
image THESAURUS from Moby [?]
Control Money Face Gold Property Banner Fortune Colors Freedom Assets Liberty Treasure Self-Command Cop Out Volunteer Discipline Substance Possession Vanity Self-Government Prosperity Self-Possession Nationality Riches Self-Esteem Restraint Autonomy Evasion Sovereignty Originality Constraint Individuality Arrogance Nationalism Self-Confidence Self-Control Self-Respect Opulence Self-Reliance Inconsequence Individualism Composure Dissociation Affluence Self-Determination Spontaneity Disconnection Conceit Self-Discipline Impartiality Self-Restraint Abstention Aplomb Lucre Mammon Irrelevance Self-Denial Free Will Internationalism Impertinence Disjunction Separateness Moneybags Disassociation Pelf Noninvolvement Immateriality Autarchy National Anthem Home Rule Mugwumpery
image LIVE EXAMPLES from News [?]

Finland's Metso rejects merger with Weir

Engineer Metso prefers independence to tie-up with Scottish group


Town hall grapples with water issues

A failure by New Mexico to address water supply challenges and climate change would have far-ranging effects on everything from national security to energy independence


Scottish independence: Westminster and Holyrood clash over danger to defence

Philip Hammond says Scotland's defence industry would be plunged into uncertainty after independence while Alex Salmond guarantees long-term future of shipbuilding


Deng wins NBA citizenship award

independence, Ohio 8212 Luol Deng has never once forgotten home.He has spent much of his adult life trying to give back to his native South Sudan, the war-torn African nation the Cavaliers forward and his family fled when he was a young boy.


U.S. a wild card in Scots’ vote on independence

Wed, 16 Apr 2014 03:13:01 GMTBy GRIFF WITTE Washington PostWith support growing for independence just months before Scots decide whether to break up with Britain, outsiders are weighing in with impassioned calls to keep the three-century-old union together. British officials from across the political spectrum, E...

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