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1) Italy () a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula
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Italia Italian Republic
image THESAURUS from WordNet [?]
Abruzzi Abruzzi E Molise Adige Al Dente Aloha Alps Anzio Apennines Appian Way Apulia Arno Arno River Basilicata Battle Of Caporetto Battle Of Lake Trasimenus Battle Of Magenta Battle Of Ravenna Battle Of Solferino Battle Of Trasimeno Bay Of Naples Bolzano BR Brenner Pass Brescia Brigate Rosse Brindisi Calabria Calamari Calamary Campania Cannae Capital Of Italy Caporetto Ciao Common Market Commune Dolomite Alps EC EEC Emilia-Romagna Eternal City Etruria EU Europe European Community European Country European Economic Community European Nation European Union Ferrara Flaminian Way Friuli-Venezia Giulia Grissino Herculaneum Italian Italian Capital Italian Peninsula Lake Trasimenus Latium Lazio Liguria Lombardia Lombardy Lucania Magenta Marche Marches Marengo Matterhorn Metaurus River Molise Mont Blanc Monte Bianco Mount Vesuvius Mt. Vesuvius NATO NIPR North Atlantic Treaty Organization Papal States Piedmont Piemonte Po Po River Polenta Pompeii Puglia Ravenna Red Brigades Revolutionary Proletarian Initiative Nuclei Revolutionary Proletarian Nucleus River Adige River Arno Riviera Roma Rome Sabine Salerno Sardegna Sardinia Savoy Sicilia Sicily Solferino Spaghetti Western Squid The Alps Tibur Tirol Tivoli Toscana Trasimeno Trentino-Alto Adige Tuscany Tyrol Tyrolean Alps Umbria Valle D'Aosta Venetia Veneto Venezia-Euganea Vesuvius
image THESAURUS from Moby [?]
Senate Lower House Upper House
image LIVE EXAMPLES from News [?]

Invention loves collaboration in Milan

MILAN - Collaboration drove invention during Milan’s annual International Furniture Show and collateral design week events, yielding the promise of homes without mobile phone chargers, and with more ergonomic seating, table settings fit for italy’s most demanding chefs and sculptures that double as furniture.


Support Grows For Venice's Secession Hopes

Pro-secession organizers cite a history of independence and unfair financial aid figures as reasons for a possible break from italy.


Relegation-threatened Livorno switches coaches

LIVORNO, italy (AP) - Relegation-threatened Livorno has fired coach Domenico Di Carlo and rehired Davide Nicola following a 3-0 loss at AC Milan.


Italy gives wife, daughter of wanted Kazakh banker refugee status

ROME (Reuters) - The wife and daughter of a Kazakh tycoon who is wanted in three countries for alleged fraud have been granted refugee status in italy, their lawyer said on Friday.


Czech Republic has 2-0 Fed Cup lead over Italy

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic (AP) - The Czech Republic took a commanding 2-0 lead over defending champion italy in their Fed Cup semifinal Saturday after Lucie Safarova and Petra Kvitova won the opening singles matches in straight sets.

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